Friday, 29 June 2012

A break in the Challenge - Me To You

After yesterdays sickly yellow I fancied a change.  Today didn't feel like a green day, although technically I could have cheated I suppose as the Rimmel shade I used is 'peppermint'.

My daughter adores Me To You Bears.  And I mean ADORES.  She has the small box room (ahh the joys of being second born!) and there are literally hundreds of the damn things.  There is over 200 in a hammock in one corner, not to mention the dozens of bigger bears, ceramics etc etc.  They looked exceptionally cute as she was growing up, and in fairness all mean something to her from special birthdays to one in a plaster cast after a stay in hospital.  These days they look a bit out of place surrounded by Paramore and Panic At The Disco posters but she won't part with them.

Anyway, waffling aside.... Rimmel Peppermint is the base coat, Sally Hansen French White for the spots and everything else is acrylic paint.  I did manage to pain my right hand as well, the hearts worked out ok though I wasn't brave enough to try and paint another tatty teddy left handed so there is just the one.

I've always wondered when I see amazingly decorated nails on blogs, do you paint the other hand to match? Are you ambidextrous? Please do tell!

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  1. I always give the right hand a go but inevitably get annoyed and just accept dodgy results, I'm slowly getting better at it though! Very... very slowly! x