Friday, 15 June 2012

DIY Nail Dotting Tool

My current obsession with nail polish etc is a little OTT I realise, I just want to own everything yesterday but don't have the money to do it.  Unfortunately for my little guilty pleasure my long suffering other half and I share an eBay account so no secret spending for me.

I've been hovering over the 'buy it now' button on dotting tools for a while now but not actually pressed it.  I was clearing out a drawer yesterday and found lots of toe nail separators, now, I only have 2 feet so I really dont need six of them.  I was about to throw them in the bin when I had a brainwave....

Taadaaa!  They work wonderfully.  A Large headed pin will produce a large dot and a smaller one a smaller dot.  Obviously.  As the foam is so soft other things can be pushed up there for different sized dots.

So there you go, an easy, cheap dotting tool that won't get you in trouble with your husband/boyfriend.

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