Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Review: Pretty Perfect Nail Drying Spray

It was actually my Husband who spotted this in Home Bargains at the weekend, it was 99p so I thought for that price I'd give it a try.

The first thing I noticed was the nice disclaimer on the front 'for most types of nail varnish'.  Undeterred I gave it a try on an NYC Polish, which in fairness is usually reasonably quick to dry anyway.  The instructions say to spray directly on to the nail and wait for 60 seconds.  Now, I have many polishes in my collection that already claim to be dry in 60 seconds so to me this seemed a fairly long time for a drying spray anyway.  

First thing to note is this needs to be sprayed in a well vented room because it does smell, its not an unpleasant scent, but it is a strong one.  I coated on my NYC, I sprayed, I waited.....

60 seconds passed and I touched my little finger nail which was still tacky.  2 minutes, and the change was minimal.  3 minutes my nail was dry, but by this point my nails would have been dry anyway!
I tried it again on a clear Sally Hansen topcoat and achieved much the same results.

This isn't something I'll try again, it's a nice gimmick but I really can't see any difference in drying time.  I think I'll stick to my Sally Hansen Insta Dri!


  1. i just picked this up today and have used it over 4 coats of revlon/ a crackle and two coats of clear so 6 coats altogether and i have to say im impressed, my nails were dry to the touch after a min where as it takes much longer normally.
    Id say kkep trying it.

  2. Thanks! I may have to give it another go on a different polish and see what happens.