Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Clever Double Trouble!

Rummaging through B&M last week I picked up this little beauty for a bargain £1.99.  I can always use a good mascara so I was quite pleased for the price.  I didn't look at it too closely until I got home, then it started to fascinate me...

As you can see it has 2 screw tops numbered 1 and 2.  Unscrew cap 1 and you get a fine mascara brush that isn't overloaded with product:

Replace number 1, unscrew number 2 and you get a much thicker consistency more in line with a heavy lash look:

But how does it work?! I hear you ask!  Obviously, I took it apart almost instantly to discover just that and I have to say its something I have never seen on a mascara before.  Basically, fine brush number 1 and brush number 2 are the same.  WHAT!? I hear you ask? Yes, they are the same brush, but here's the clever bit:

Brush number 1 is pulled up through the tube to take the majority of the product off, giving you a lighter first coat of mascara, when brush 1 is pushed back down the tube it becomes loaded with heavy mascara and is brush 2.

So there you go, one of the cleverest products I've seen in a while, and at a bargain price!  Whats better is the mascara itself stays put, its as waterproof as it says (small sobbing fest at TV yesterday proved this) and it gives good lash definition all for £1.99.  I think I love W7 just a little bit.

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