Sunday, 28 October 2012

Why Argos, WHY!?

I'm a huge fan of W7 nail polish, in fact of W7 as a brand in general.  I find that they are excellent quality for a price that suits my pocket.  What I am slightly amazed at of late is this...

W7 5 Piece Nail Polish Set

I buy a reasonable amount of W7 and have NEVER paid more than £2 for a bottle, so the above set at a staggering £29.75 is VASTLY overpriced.  

How about these ones?

Again, Argos are selling these 3 polishes at £17.85 a set!!  A cynic would perhaps wonder if our friends over at Argos are going to have these 'better than half price' soon...

Either way, I don't see W7 as a brand equivalent to OPI, China Glaze etc and I'd be amazed if Argos actually sold many sets at those prices. 
Would you buy them?


  1. Wow, that's incredibly overpriced...I don't think I've ever paid even as much as £2 a bottle! People who don't know about the brand might go ahead and buy them tho :( Naughty Argos.

    1. I'm fairly sure they will be half price next month, which still makes them overpriced, just not as badly. In fairness TK Maxx have been guilty of over inflating W7 prices as they have the set of luminous colours in at present. Its about 9 bottles and they claim it has an RRP of £29.99!

  2. That's ridiculous! They are expensive for the most stupid of things though.

    1. The other one that shocked me on there was this: