Thursday, 4 April 2013

Friends :)

As a small girl many many many years ago I had a group of close friends who stayed with me from Primary school right through to high school and beyond.  One of these was a lovely girl named Nicki.
We'd been close for many years but lost touch around 20 years ago.  We've both changed our surnames so finding old girlfriends is incredibly hard.

Just before Christmas I'd run out of blank nails, in a panic I had a look on eBay and searched locally and found a lady selling just what I needed.  I was amazed when she told me she lived literally half a mile from my house.  I headed over to pick them up, knocked on the door and was stunned when Nicki opened it and even more stunned to see she had hands full of the most fantastic nails I've ever seen.

It turns out Nicki is a bit of a genius with nails, her YouTube channel, configure1973 is followed by thousands and kept me enthralled for hours.  Because she's so lovely she gave me a shout out on her channel yesterday so go and have a look then check out her amazing designs and tutorials.

So Nicki, thank you again, it's good to have an old friend back! Go check out Configure1973 because she is amazing!


  1. Wow, you're blog is awesome and I'll start following it! :D Found it cuz' you commented in mine :)

    1. Oh thank you :)
      I follow you on Bloglovin and that fantastic bright green polish drew me in! Did you find it on eBay UK?

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