Saturday, 14 September 2013

Life gets in the way.

Wow, its really been April since I last posted any nail art!  Well, I apologise for my absence but it was one of those cases where real life got in the way a bit.
My daughter managed to injure herself yet again requiring physiotherapy (I wont get too into it here but both Ellie and I have hypermobility.  We dislocate joints regularly and whilst they usually pop back by themselves occasionally they don't and in this case she managed to injure her knee).  Added to this my Father in Law, who was in remission with Cancer suddenly took a rapid downturn and sadly passed away.

It's through those times that real life takes precedence and thats where I have been.  Things have settled down a little here now and I'm finding some time to work again.  It may be sporadic, but I'm getting there!

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