Friday, 7 September 2012

A Wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins...

Bit of an odd one admittedly on what is primarily a beauty blog, but I thought I'd share the latest in the Lego Movie Tie In's - Lord of The Rings.  I'm quietly told by a friend in the know that the PS3 version will be available towards Christmas as well which I'm rather excited about.

This is the cheapest in the range, Gandalf Arrives at around £11.99.  Being a huge Lord of The Rings fan I just had to have it for my bookcase....

It's such a sweet little set, and Frodo bless him with his oversized carrot is just perfect Hobbit sized!  Gandalf's cart is laden with his fireworks ready for Bilbo's birthday party at the very start of the trilogy.

I have to say i am a little surprised at the release of this now, I could understand it being on the back of The Hobbit but its been over ten years since the original movie - and the scenes these lego sets depict - was released.

Anyway, this is still a lovely set, kind of makes me wish my kids were younger so I could justify buying the rest because they are, like all lego tie in's, rather pricey.  Sets range from £11.99 to £99.99

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