Monday, 10 September 2012

Thats a Lidl Clever....

I do occasionally like a browse in Lidl and Aldi, more often than not their cosmetics are brilliant and excellent value.  I especially love Aldi's Lacura Nail range but thats for another blog.

Whilst wandering round my local store last week I spotted this gem, Cien Nail Polish Remover for £1.29 (could be £1.49 in some stores).  It's a 200ml bottle and claimed to have an Almond fragrance.

The first thing I noticed was the weird top, the second thing was the wonderful scent of almonds.  This seriously smelled so good it reminded me of battenburg cake.  But the top?  Whats that all about....

Well, here's the clever bit...

Your flat cotton pad goes onto the 'dish', push down and just the right amount of remover soaks your pad.  Genius!  It's so much easier than tipping a bottle because you don't soak your pad in far too much remover, this means its much easier to just do a quick cleanup after a manicure without managing to spill excess remover on your newly polished nails.
Its rather good at what it does as well, one push soaked the pad you can see in the picture and removed my previous Daisy manicure (2 coats, acrylic paint and top coat) on one hand entirely.

The blue bottle here is the 'classic' polish remover, which does contain acetone.  Lidl do stock a pink version of this which is, I believe acetone free.  I have yet to try this one though so the jury is out on that!

The bottle also has a useful screw cap, so, if you don't like the remover you can refill with your own and re use this incredibly functional little bottle!

This one though is a keeper for me!

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