Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Ethical Nails?

Last night I happened on an auction on eBay.  The auction was for 'Children in Need Pudsey False Nails'.  How nice I thought, using your talent for charity, something I should probably do a little more of (though as an aside I've spent the week working on nails for a Lymphoma Charity Auction).

As I read through the auction it dawned on me that the nails, featuring the charity mascot and colours had nothing at all to do with the charity and the seller of the nails was keeping all £3.99 + P&P to themselves.

Now this annoyed me.  Children in need is a big event in the UK, to use the mascot of a charity to sell nails to fill your own pockets is morally wrong I feel and completely unethical.  It annoyed me so much actually I dropped everything I was doing and made a set of my own set of Pudsey Children In Need nails, but the difference being every penny from their sale will go to Children In Need charity.  I'll even pay the postage.

What are your thoughts on using a charity logo to sell your items?


  1. Personally I prefer to support smaller charities than Children in Need but even then, I'd never sell something that was heavily charity based and not donate at least a proportion of the profits! x

  2. It is so wrong, most people wouldn't notice it doesn't say that any money goes to the charity and would just assume it does :( And there's the issue of copyright laws...

    1. Sam, I think the copyright issue is something I'm just as guilty of, I sell a lot of my Harry Potter nails and The Snowman which I don't own the rights to, that said nothing I paint on my nails gives the impression that they are for a charity.

      The sad thing is the seller has already sold 3 sets of her Pudsey nails, thats £12 in profit on the back of a charity.