Friday, 18 January 2013

Game Over...

I'm still playing around with nail shaping and decided to revisit a design I'd done a while ago, but with a twist. Pac Man!

My first attempt at this had the slice cut from Pac Man's mouth, however, this presented two issues.  The first being it left the nail unstable and prone to splitting further, and the second, and probably most significant was that is was very, very, VERY sharp.
In his second incarnation pac man then became shaped, rounded at the end to look a bit more effective and the mouth applied in varnish. The ghosts have the cut out 'v' shapes underneath them which are filed down slightly to make the design more wearable.

Colours Used. Models Own Black. W7 UV Yellow. Rimmel Ultra Violet. Nails Inc St James. Essie Orange, it's obvious and Ciate Holiday Blues.
Game Over.

1 comment:

  1. wow did you really cut out a 'v'in you're nails! that looks so cute. I love this nailart really!!
    xx Iris