Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Slice of Life...

I adore Dexter.  Dear old Dex is my weakness I'm afraid and I am truly gutted at the thought of the next season being the last.
Over Halloween I did create some Dexter style blood splatter nails but I wanted to create something based on a season one screen print I adore.

 The print is everything that was great about season 1.  I loved the Ice Truck killer so much and have often recreated the milticolour fingernails on the dismembered hand.  This was tricky though as working on something this small was a bit of a challenge.
I picked out the parts of the print I liked the most and this is the result!

Models Own Black, W7 Red, Barry M Pink and Acrylic Paint was used to complete this one off manicure!

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