Thursday, 4 April 2013

Narrowboat Art Nails

Whilst I was browsing my Bloglovin feed this morning I came across this really pretty manicure by Robin Moses Nail Art featuring beautiful snow white daisies.  The more I admired them the more they reminded me of 'Narrowboat Art'.  For my Non UK readers this is a style of painting adopted in the 19th Century when boat owners painted roses and castles on their boats.  As the popularity of canals here dwindled the art faded somewhat though it's recently had a bit of a revival.

I love the style, and it's something thats so simple to do but looks incredibly effective, admittedly its a little trickier to work on something as small as a fingernail but I am pleased with how this turned out.  Thanks again to Robin for the inspiration!

Canal Boat Art
Features Barry M Black Polish and Acrylic Paints.


  1. Love this nail art.
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    1. Hi Iris, welcome!
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